For this website I am using the database programming found at  You will see the available images posted through that domain but if you return to this page you will only find links to minerals that are fluorescent under Short Wave Ultraviolet light.

Simply click one of the preset buttons below a representative specimen image.
You'll then be presented with a page of specimens to consider.

Thanks for your interest!


Benitoite - I have placed 12 specimens up that fall in to the fluorescent specimen category.  Most are cabinet sizes.  Benitoite fluoresces a bright sky blue when placed under a shortwave UV light source.

Willemite, Hardystonite
& Calcite
Minerals from Franklin, New Jersey- You can't have a fluorescent mineral page without some pieces from Franklin.  For this update I have some specimens of esperite, hardystonite and the usual calcite and willemite.


Minerals from Mont Ste. Hilaire - I found several specimens of willemite at the Tucson 2002 show and there are also a few others of genthelvite.  Both rare species from MSH!


Random Fluorescent Minerals - Here's an assortment of various species such as strontianite, saleeite, powellite, barite, calcite and mellite.  This particular part of UVRocks.Com will be updated frequently.
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